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Steve, Dulce and their staff have been very professional, are easy to work with and have done an excellent job. I highly recommend them for any commercial or residential cleaning services that you may require.

– Julie M. Pancrazi, CPM Property Manager

Their dedication to Service and Reliability have made it work so well. Steve is always checking on any problems and ready to help with any issue we have. We are very happy with the Service and relationship we have with the company.

– Audrey Garcia, Office Manager, Southwestern Eye Center
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Specializing in Commercial, Government Contract & Healthcare Cleaning In Yuma, AZ

Who we are?


We have been located in Yuma, Arizona since 1999. D&S Professional Yuma cleaning service is dedicated to give you the most out of what you pay for. D&S commercial business cleaning service provides quality cleaners that deep clean your office, restaurant, or showroom and make it look its very best. Don’t hesitate to give us call on your next cleaning needs.

What we do?


When you need to clean military/government facilities and commercial properties by professionals in Yuma, Arizona, call the D&S Professional Cleaning Services - your BEST choice! We offer quality military/government and commercial cleaning with the guarantee of a great price. With over 15 years of facilities cleaning experience, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why hire us?


D&S Yuma Cleaning Services is:


D&S Yuma Cleaning Services offers:

  • Yuma Cleaning Services
  • Commercial Office
  • Floor Waxing, Polishing & Cleaning
  • Janitor Service

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